Pecha Kucha – Presentation About Me… :/

So today I had to do my Pecha Kucha presentation. I was really nervous about it, standing up, talking about yourself and your interests seemed a bit weird. After wards though it was nice to know others in the class now know what your interested in and what idea/direction you’d like to go in for your final year project. It was great to explain to the class what I wanted to get of the year as well as the projects and hopefully inspire them… I know I was inspired anyway!

When listening to others I found it interesting to know what they want to do. It was great to hear what area in socially responsive design they are looking into also. Areas that where brought up I never even thought of but would love to look into which I will discuss in my next post.Slide01Slide02Slide03Slide04Slide05Slide06Slide07Slide08Slide09Slide10Slide11