Socially Responsive Design – Gender Equality

I have decided to further my research in the area of gender equality. The reason i have went for this topic is that I am interested in changing someones perception of a socially issue. It also interests me to look at issues that are preconceived ideas of society that are taught to us. A perfect example of this is gender. As a child we do not know the difference between boy and girl. It is society who teaches us this.


There have been many examples of people trying to combat and question the issue of gender equality or should I say lack of. Approaches have varied from looking at ‘Childhood Gender Roles’ to ‘Double standards that Women face at Work’. It has been interesting to see how they try to address this issue and change peoples perception of the issue.

Pantene: #whipIt

The video above is from the Pantene marketing campaign called #WhipIt. In this video they bring to light the issue of double standards that women face in the work place. The video displays a range of words associated with gender in the workplace and aims to encourage women to not let these labels hold them back. It is also accompanied by print and online adds to help promote the issue.


“Oppressed Majority,” a short film by French actress and director Éléonore Pourriat

The video above is about a man on what seems to be an ordinary day, who is exposed to sexism and sexual violence in a society ruled by women. This is a perfect example of using the approach of role reversal to get across the issue of sexism and sexual violence women experience and societies reaction to it. I thought that it was very well done. It simple examples of the oppression of women i.e. Muslim women wearing a hijab to extreme cases i.e Sexual assault. Although I would not like to approach the extreme cases with this project I found the approach of this short film effective.

Mankind: #ViolenceIsViolence (

This next video is another example of role reversal. In this video the issue of domestic abuse is examined, and why the rule changes whether the attacker is the man or the woman. When the man is attacking the woman members of the public become involve and threaten to call the police and tell the woman she does not need to take this. When the roles are reversed and the woman is attacking the man members of the public watch and laugh. Why is it as a society we have one rule for one gender and another for the other? I think this is a really interesting concept.

Childhood Gender Roles In Adult Life (Buzzfeed Video)

In this video childhood gender roles are implemented in the work space. It looks at the issue of society forcing kids into narrowly-defined gender roles from the time they’re born. This for me is the most interesting area of gender equality and one I will research more. The idea of ‘Boys will be Boys’ and ‘Run like a girl’ would be a good approach.


Bought my Tickets for The Coronas!

So I bought my tickets for The Coronas concert in December. This is going to be my 1, 2……7, 8th time seeing them now in the past 3, 3 and a half years and still it is so exciting! (smile)

I have been standing infront of Danny each time (except at Paul Mc Cartney in the RDS last Summer) and it never seems to get old, but the tickets seem to get dearer : /


I can’t believe it was so long ago that I was at one of my secondary school friends birthday party, at which she had The Coronas play at. It was the first time I had seen them live. (I was the creepy girl standing at the front singing every lyric to every song) Danny clearly seen my dedication. (joke)

But anyway, he invited me on stage to sing with them. This has been and will forever be the greatest moment of my life. (smile)


So my 5 minutes of fame over as quick as you could snap a photo. But I will never forget it!

Sometimes when I’m at the concerts I’m like in my head ‘Hey! Remeber Me?!?!’ but obviously they do not…


So here’s to all the fun I’m going to be having on the 14th of December! (smile)