“Design Thinking” – Designing with your audiences needs in mind

Today in group Project we were introduced to the idea of “Design Thinking“. It is a really good concept when considering the idea of socially responsive design. I feel that when I design something I might design it with myself, my needs in mind. “Design Thinking” has given me a clear way of thinking of my target audience and designing for their needs.


Guido Kovalskys (The Whiteboard – Stanford d.school)

When completing the 1 hour exercise in class I felt frustrated. I found it was really hard to complete the exercise in that period of time. But I soon realised that it was supposed to be a quick (ish) exercise from which you could conduct again and again ending with different outcomes.


What I had to do was interview my partner based on the contents of their purse. From this I had to take my findings and consider what their goals are and come up with an insight from this. 10723243_10152442559918214_104780893_n

I had to generate ideas that would meet their needs. At first I thought it was hard. How was I supposed to know their needs if they didn’t tell me them. This is were I struggled with the exercise… please excuse the ideas…


It wasn’t until I realised that the answer may not have been in what my partner had told me but rather what they hadn’t told me. In their purse they liked to have different spaces to hide things away but have so many so that they know where each thing is. But I also know this person is super organised and is into their crafts.

10715960_10152442559758214_1077869231_nThis is why I designed a “Techno Cabnet”. It’s a filing cabnet with screens on the front that gave a side and top few of the contents. It also keeps an inventory of its contents and can let the user know when something is running low. This was interesting as it is annoying to have things neatly away but you have to pull it all out to find out where something is. It was received my partner well… I think…

Over all I thought it was a good process… One I would need to do a couple of times to get really inspired but non the less a process I would do.