Group Project – “Socially Responsive Design”

Today I found out the theme for our final year projects, Socially Responsive Design. When I first thought of the theme I was quite apprehensive, but upon research I discovered that there was endless possibilities and approaches.

“Socially responsive design takes as its primary driver social issues, its main consideration social impact, and its main objective social change” (

This is a quote from the Design Against Crime website defines “Socially Responsive Design”. For me, this quote sums it up. As a designer you always have a target audience in mind, but do we always consider the impact it will have on society as a whole? For a design to be socially responsive it needs to incorporate a style of design that captures and displays feedback pro social change. It is not for the purpose of its own aesthetics or high street interest but is for the benefit of social modification.
Logo(University of the Arts London)
Because socially responsive design is dealing with society there are many key areas it targets:

  1. Crime: Solutions to problems face by society e.g theft
  2. Discrimination: Combating discrimination against groups/communities and disabilities.
  3. Social Stigmas: Changing peoples perceptions.

To be able to develop socially responsive design one must fully understand the social issue they wish to alter. If one does this correctly they should be able to create social change. I think that with society in mind and targeting the design towards a social issue can lead to useful, broad targeted and social profit projects.


Collaboration Project – Completion

Today we handed up the finished animation. This week was absolute mayhem with it. Animation takes so much time with everything having to precise or it seems out of sync with the audio. Here is the final Video on Youtube.

Culture, Society & Creative Media – Post 11 (Reflection on Cyber Bullying)

In class this week the main topic of discussion was cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can take place in many different forms a text message, picture/video clip, phone call, email, chat room, instant message etc. Anyone and everyone is susceptible to bullying but now a days with children being allowed access to the internet or the procession a phone at a younger age has endangered them of cyber bullying.

But what is cyber bullying, describes it as ‘when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor.

How does it work, there are two types of cyber bullying; direct cyber bullying, where messages are sent to the victim and cyber bullying by proxy, where others are used to harass the victim. A big question asked is often why this happens, but why does anything happen? The main concern that we should be looking at is how we can prevent this from happening.

I think a big step in the right direction is to teach children at a young age the dangers of using technology in this way and explain the difference between a joke and something that is hurtful. Children need to realise the consequences that can come from their behavior towards others including those in extreme cases such as suicide. Bullying is a serious thing as it is and with cyber bullying  there is no where to hide for the victims, no escape. It follows you home, every beep from your phone, every notification on your social media is frightening.


Below are some really helpful guides for those suffering under cyber bullying from the ISPCC, who have recently launched the ISPCC Shield Campaign. With this campaign they hope to ‘empower schools and wider community members to actively address and tackle the widespread issues of bullying that currently exist in Ireland.’ They believe that this is their best opportunity of addressing this problem that is as old as time to protect those that should be ‘cherished the most; the children of Ireland.’


Collaboration Project – Audio & Animation, a race to the finish line

Today Vinnie gave me the Audacity files for the edited audio. I adjusted the levels on it and export the mp3 and imported it into the animation in flash. With all of the design elements done I can now focus on completing the animation.

audioedit BlC_VkNIUAAIarE

Collaboration Project – VOX POP

Today myself, Aine and Vinnie recorded a VOX POP in the corridors of the Carrolls building. We only asked them one question which was; ‘What do you think is the most famous Meme?’ We got a diversity of answers which is great and also a variety of different accents. Vinnie will also be editing these recordings into the main audio piece along with the narration of Pauric.

Collaboration Project – Survey take two

So far we have over 20 completions of the survey. It’s looking good! Keep up the good work people. Here is how we are spreading the word of the survey! Using a Meme to promote answering a questionnaire about Memes…Brilliant!

And in the spirit of this Meme advertisement here is some more designs.


Also for the opening credits I designed this logo. AVR Studios, Aine, Vinnie and Rebecca.