Socially Responsive Design – Gender Equality & Installations

Now that I know the area I would like to look into I wanted to see if there was any interesting interactive installations approching the subject.

Devenir: An Interface of Gender Fluctuation

“Devenir is an interactive interface that allows the user to experience a gender fluctuation of their own face and voice by looking at an interactive mirror while watching interviews with transsexuals.” Although this is not dealing with gender equality I like the idea of being put into the other persons shoes. This could be interesting to do for men and women for both genders to see the world through the others eyes, to see what problems they deal with from society because of their gender.


“This are some of the features when Devenir is floating the gender of the person who is looking to the mirror. The real image of my face is the middle pic.” (Devenir)

On the website it goes through the whole development of the project and research behind it. It was a really interesting concept.

Aether & Hemera: Fluidity

“Fluidity is an interactive installation, which visualises the gender experiences of the Northern Design Festival‘s audience; it consists of dynamic lighting scenarios that elaborate on audience’s gender perception expressed on a chromatic scale, transforming the Central Library into a colourful and dynamic environment.” (Fluidity)

AetherAndHemera_Fluidity02 AetherAndHemera_Fluidity07

This project came about due to Dr. Kevin Hilton inspiring talk – Can we change our mind about gender?.

Amelia Marzec: Gender Anarchy Project

The gender anarchy project is a “site-specific installation that intervenes in public space to break down the public’s assumptions of gender”.(Gender Anarchy Project) The iconic sign usually used on the bathroom door is replaced with an interactive screen that changes depending on how far away the user is to it to draw the publics attention to gender ambiguity.

Screenshot 2014-10-13 00.05.10

Hanna Becker: Worn Gender

The worn Gender is an interactive exhibit that examines the subconscious way gender is communicated through image and clothing. “The installation asks viewers to dress three paper doll figures with a variety of clothing options provided. ” (Worn Gender)

worn gender hannah backer (2)

Oculus Rift VR: The Gender Swap Experiment


“This experiment takes the POV of a male, and swaps it with the POV of a female, and then broadcast each others view into the Oculus Rift Goggles.” (The Gender Swap Experiment)

Kieran had mentioned this project before and I didn’t think much of it but when I had watched the video it really impressed me. I’m not sure if you would genuinely feel like you’d swapped as you would feel something different compared to what you see but it is a really interesting concept.


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