Socially Responsive Design – Brainstorm

Today in class we did a quick brainstorm of all of the classes ideas in relation to socially responsive design. It was great to hear everyones ideas, it was really inspiring but know I feel like a child in a candy store… So I’ve decided to broden my research at the moment and add to my pinterest board. See here! But I’m also going to put some up in the blog, ones that I really, really like!

10580323_10152442559688214_326975258_nI fell in love with this installation. I thought it was really emotional and I think a lot of people could do with a boost! A lot of the ideas people where saying had to do with emotions and making someone happy. I felt this really displayed this idea. Making someone confident in themselves. I think this is important for everyone. The women at the end who said “It’s the sweetest thing in the whole world” and that “whoever had put this together is the most wonderful and thoughtful person” showed that it really made a difference to her and this is what it is all about. The band who are behind it The MRS. wanted to change how women looked at themselves in the mirror. I think they achieved that!

(Youtube Channel – The MRS. )

Another aspect I liked was dealing with disabilities. When I was in derry I went to see some interactive projects. There was many projects dealing with cerebral palsy and it was inspiring to see how people had designed projects to allow them to for example make music like anyone else. I think that sometimes people are not aware of how disabilities effect everyone involved which may be a good area to look at for this project. When researching I found this video. It helps raise awareness of autism. “The little girl avoids eye contact; one of the most prominent signs of the disorder in children.”

(BBDO & Autism Speaks – Kinect Interactive Ad)

Before the class one area i was interested in was social stigmas. Something that I personally dislike is chewing gum… not for any particular reason but it’s not for me. I decided to research this and seen this video which I am positive I’ve seen before maybe in class. I thought it was brilliant! The whole layout and the idea itself.

Beldent (Identical twins test ‘chewing gum stigma’ in social experiment)

I was researching stereotypes and diversity and I found this video called the “Doll Test” and I found it rather upsetting. The children who have taken part in this have been taught through society their opinions on Which doll is the ‘nice’ doll and Which doll looks ‘bad’ based on the colour of their skin. This is a preconceived idea that society is teaching to children.

DixonFuller2011’s channel (Doll Test)

Another idea that cropped up during the brainstorm was Disruptive Art. I thought, that’s interesting. It’s nice to kind of create something artistically that than changes your opinion or makes you dramatically aware of something. When researching I found this nice example from MSLK. They have created a series of disruptive art installations to raise awareness on environmental issues. They are designers that try to create designs with a “longer shelf life” for their customers.


The above examples I found all to be really interesting. My favourite would have to be from MSLK. I genuinely think that people needing to be green is really important now more than ever. I think I will continue to do some research in this area this week.


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