Group Project – “Socially Responsive Design” Research

Today I spent my time researching socially responsive design. The area in which I found most interesting was design to combat crime. I found the website where they discuss how they aim their projects to look at crime and how they can design to prevent crime.

One aim that appealed to me was:

“Secure design doesn’t have to look criminal” (

I think that this is a major component in this area of design. The design should not make someone feel uncomfortable. I feel this is an interesting approach. They have many examples of this kind of design.


Design Against Crime – Stop Thief Chairs (

 Another aspect of socially responsive design that I liked was environment awareness. An example of this would be these stunning installations from Luzinterruptus “Shed Light on Environmental Issues”

I really enjoyed this display as it is very hands on and still has the element of art to it which is important to me.2slide_241320_1289773_free_detail_em

Luzinterruptus – Shed Light on Environmental Issues (

White Sound is another attempt from design against crime. They aim to raise awareness of the impact of vehicle traffic on our health, as well as the wider environment. This is another example of installation, the sounds of the ocean where played on the busy road to over power the sound of traffic to gain the publics attention.


Design Against Crime – White Sound : Urban Seascape (

I found so many different examples of work that has the objective of socially responsive design. These can be seen on my growing mood board on pinterest. Click here to see all of the brilliant examples.


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