Group Project – “Socially Responsive Design”

Today I found out the theme for our final year projects, Socially Responsive Design. When I first thought of the theme I was quite apprehensive, but upon research I discovered that there was endless possibilities and approaches.

“Socially responsive design takes as its primary driver social issues, its main consideration social impact, and its main objective social change” (

This is a quote from the Design Against Crime website defines “Socially Responsive Design”. For me, this quote sums it up. As a designer you always have a target audience in mind, but do we always consider the impact it will have on society as a whole? For a design to be socially responsive it needs to incorporate a style of design that captures and displays feedback pro social change. It is not for the purpose of its own aesthetics or high street interest but is for the benefit of social modification.
Logo(University of the Arts London)
Because socially responsive design is dealing with society there are many key areas it targets:

  1. Crime: Solutions to problems face by society e.g theft
  2. Discrimination: Combating discrimination against groups/communities and disabilities.
  3. Social Stigmas: Changing peoples perceptions.

To be able to develop socially responsive design one must fully understand the social issue they wish to alter. If one does this correctly they should be able to create social change. I think that with society in mind and targeting the design towards a social issue can lead to useful, broad targeted and social profit projects.


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