Culture, Society & Creative Media – Post 10 (Reflection on Social Media’s Power – Political / Civil Disobedience)

This week we looked at the power of social media’s power in relation to politics and civil disobedience. A big example that we looked at was Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign online. Spending 8 million on his online campaign he utilised all elements of the web. Obama’s use of this new medium has changed politics forever as did J F Kennedy with the television.

The internet has allowed news to become instant unlike old mediums where a length of time had passed before the message had been conveyed to it’s public. Due to this and it’s lack of geography restraints messages can be broadcasted within seconds. With this in mind, it is the perfect means of communication for rebellion.

Social media is a tool that is fueling the emotions of the public with results of riots. Social media is easily updated allowing people to keep tabs on what is happening, where and when to meet etc. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter was a large enabler in the Arab spring.

Not only does social media fuel these riots but it also displays them to the world. It allows people who are not physically there be there through cyberspace. It creates a moral panic and a disgust. A lot of people are quick to point the finger in blame without actually knowing the facts but because the ‘rioters’ who may or may not have been violent to begin with started this feud are automatically the villain no matter what they are fighting for.


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