Collaboration Project – On the Right Track

After speaking with Caroline today after class. She advised that we stick with Memes but can change how we present the final piece. Caroline felt that the work that has been done so far would go to waste and that it was too late to be changing the entire idea. She was absolutely right and it was great to hear.

Going forward we have decided to use what we have and create and infographic video about Memes. Researching this type of video further showed us exactly what we would need.

  1. Research complete – Aine
  2. Opinions/statistics – Rebecca
  3. Script for narration – Aine
  4. Recorded narration – Everyone
  5. Background music – Vinnie
  6. Edit narration and background music – Vinnie
  7. Graphic elements – Rebecca
  8. Animation (Combining Graphic elements & Audio) – Main: Rebecca Assistance: Vinnie & Aine

For the opinions and statistics, I decided to make a survey that would give us some figures we would be able to use in the infographic video.

We also decided we would do a short VOX POP and ask students what they thought was the most famous/popular meme. Then we could use these voices as well as the narrator for the audio of the video.

Here is the link for the survey. If you have just stumbled on to this blog, please fill out the form. It is 5 tick the box questions. It will take a minute max. Thank you in advance!



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