Culture, Society & Creative Media – Post 8 (Reflection on Fractured Attention )

Today in our Tutorial we watched ‘InRealLife’ which I will discuss separately in another blog as it was a really interesting documentary. Caroline asked us to think about how our attention to one thing is never completely focused. Due to technology and other things we never seem to be able to entirely indulge in one activity. We are always dividing our attention between the film we are watching and our mobile phone that is vibrating away.

Here is an interesting ad from Durex. The message in it is very clear and whilst I watched it I laughed at how realistic and true it was.

It is interesting to think about why we are in constant need to be connected and included with those online whilst we ignore those who stand before us. Even in college, the lights go down in a lecture and all around you are faces being lit by the glow of their mobile phones. Technologies advancements are a blessing but also a hindrance. For health and safety it has become really helpful to be able to contact people on the go but has it hampered our need for social interaction.

I noticed that my younger siblings constantly have their head in their phones, compared to playing outside, making forts by the river and general physical activities that I used to do as a child. Have we as a race become addicted to our phones? and if so is the younger generation following by example of this. We no longer have to leave the comfort of our homes for everyday things. Shopping, can all be done on a smart phone, as can renting a movie. Simple things that we physically had to do can now be done by the press of a button.

Life has been made easier by this technology. But does easy mean better?


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