Culture, Society & Creative Media – Post 7 (Reflection on Online Dating & Pornography)

This week in class we looked at online dating (website & mobile) and pornography’s effect on culture. Online dating has always been accompanied by a stigma of desperation, of someone being a nerd or a pervert. This $4 billion industry is only getting bigger and why? because of it’s benefits; it’s affordable, accessible and can be anonymous. With the current advances in technology and popularity of smart phones, online dating has now spilt over in the mobile app world. Dating apps such as Tinder and Grinder use users locations to allow them to meet singles or not, in their area.

From discussions in class it was easy to see that dating apps seem to be less embarrassing than using an online dating website but why? I personally have used neither but from talking to those who have felt that using the app is easy, it’s like a game and can easily hook up to your Facebook. Their feelings towards a dating website where more negative, they felt it was more serious and intimate which would be fine if that was what you where looking for.

The stigma for online dating may be fading more to the background but it definitely still exists. With so many options of different sites online and the amount of online sexual activity there is it is no wonder that ones perception of love, relationships and sex can be tainted. Internet has brought pornography to the mainstream. Something that before was seen as embarrassing or seedy and has to be paid for is now free and at anybody’s reach. Now what anybody does in their own private time is fine but the issue of what pornography is doing to society is a cause for alarm.

For a lot of young adolescence, their first experience of  sexual relations is through the internet cited at age 11. From this there us an unrealistic picture of body image and expectations of sex. This puts a lot of pressure on both the man and woman in the relationship; women try to reenact what they’ve seen, men expect women will enjoy certain things and completely blurs the line of what is acceptable and what is not.

This can also effect the person physically and emotionally. One may feel it is an effective and efficient way of dealing with their feelings, they may neglect intimate relationships, it can impact on their libido and it can simply make one sexually disfunctional. But for others,  maybe those who are more mentally and sexually mature may realise that there is a difference between reality and porn. This is not to say that one cannot experience porn like sex but no the difference and understand what effect that may have on their relationship.


Cindy Gallop, an inspirational figure in this field has been trying to make the line between love and porn very distinctive. With her Make Love Not Porn website she is Pro-Love, Pro-Porn, Pro-Knowing the Difference. Her website and also her blog are very informative about the whole subject. And last but not least Cindy Gallop also has a TED Talks where she discusses these issues and explains her website.



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