Interactive Multimedia Coding Assignment – Post Reflection

Overall I think that my idea helped develop aspects of programming that I already knew. It has given me a better understanding of what I can do with the code I already know. I also think my idea pushed me further as a programmer. There are aspects such as taking a screen shot and saving a jpg image to the computers memory that I spent many days researching and developing.

I think that I used a wide range of code. The interactivity in the project varies. I tried to use as many different types of media, video, images and sound in the project.

I have learnt so many things from doing this project. One thing I wish I had done differently is my time management. The length of time I spent on the specification document and the pseudocode was quite long and as a result I did not start prototyping till quite late. I wish I had started prototyping along side of writing the specification and pseudocode.

I enjoyed this project, I would like to come back to it and add more. Make my own media content, have playlists for the media screens? and more animations.


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