Interactive Multimedia Coding Assignment – Post (Prototyping)

Today I got the buttons working when the circle is rotated. Turns out you can still refer to buttons that are inside a movie clip for example, circle_mc.spring_btn. This would have saved a lot of heart ache a couple of days ago.

I have the home page completely set up now.

I have set variables/booleans for each of the seasons. When the user selects a season, said boolean is changed to true.

The reason I did this is so that I was able to make a combination of events to go to a certain page. For example the user must select a season and then select the play button. Using the booleans I was able to make an if else statement that if user clicks play and springBtnVar = true; then the program will go to frame 2.

This seems to be working very well.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 17.54.33


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