Make and Do Assignment – Post 13

City of Light and Sound

Here is my final edited video for this project.

Yesterday I had the issue of my blocks not connecting properly with the white board. Today I sourced magnets that are 30 times stronger. These seem to have worked better but it is still a bit iffy.

The red blocks I have used a resistor to control the amount of energy it intakes.

Overall I am really happy with my project. I only wish it would connect better to the board. The presentation is on Wednesday the 13th of November. I will try to iron out any problems I have between now and then if I can.

My only fear is if the new magnets do not work as well as I think they are and I would have to glue all of the blocks down. This would defeat the purpose of the project as the user is supposed to be able to move the blocks around.

I am really happy with how it looks. I think it is a very good project, and I think the work done on it will come in use for my major project. From doing this I have a better knowledge about LEDs and how they can interact with sound.


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