Make and Do Assignment – Post 12

Today I was putting all of my blocks on top of my magnetic white board. When I placed them down onto the board the connection did not work as well as I had planned. I had to lean down on the blocks to allow the strips under the blocks to connect with the strips along the board. The magnets under the blocks do not seem to be strong enough.

On further inspection I noticed that the blocks wobbled. As far as I could see the white board seems to have warped slightly and I have no idea how this might have happened.

I spoke with my lecturer in relation to this and explained what had happened. I should him the video below that I was able to get from positioning the blocks in away that they do light up. The only one I was able to move was the blue speaker as it was heavy enough with the speaker in it to connect when I placed it back down.

Another issue I had was when I put the red block down it took all of the power from the green and blue blocks. Just to demonstrate I have left the red blocks of the board for this video to show off the product.


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