Make and Do Assignment – Post 11




wiring2 wiring3 wiring4Here are photo’s of the base were all of the components are going to be kept. It is a styrofoam board which I have cut down into to be able to place the components into.

Using the hot glue gun I stuck the components down into place and soldered the appropriate wires. Here is a close up of the components.


wiring copy

  • A: 5v dc power supply for LEDs (This changes the voltage to 5 going through to the LEDs)
  • B: speaker
  • C: amplifier for speakers
  • D: transformer for amplifier

Connected to D is the main power supply.

Here is a photo of the wires under the board connected to the aluminium strips, connecting them to the main components underneath.

wires copy

  • A: +5v DC for LEDs
  • B: -5v DC & Ground for speakers
  • C: left speaker channel
  • D: right speaker channel

Connecting these to each strip is basically how it works. Two out of the three strips are connected to the left speaker. This means any music coming from the left channel will allow the LEDs to flash differently to the LEDs connected to the right channel.

Because the strips I made were made out of aluminium  I was not able to solder the wires down onto them. Instead I stuck down the wire copper on top of the wire. I then glued down the wires in every way possible to avoid them coming loose.


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