Make and Do Assignment – Post 10


So I have also had to put the copper strips under each of the cubes. Three holes had to be drilled into each square perspex. (I got assistance from my Father with the drill, for health and safety reasons. Through these holes I stuck down three strips of copper going from the top to the bottom.


A further two holes were also drilled into the square  for the magnets. I then held them down with a clamp and placed the two magnets in the hole. I then added the hot glue on top. The reason I did it like this was that if the magnets where just glued onto the bottom, the bottom of the cube (the copper tape) would not make contact with the tape on the board.





The image to the left is of the magnets glued into place under the square piece of perspex. And to the right is an image with the transistor soldered down onto the copper strip. The first and third  prongs are soldered down and the second prong is point up to be connected with the negative wire of the LED.




squares7 squares6Here you can see to LEDs to the left. There is a slight difference between the two. I have melted the plastic around the LED and pushed it down. This allowed me to show more of the LED off, therefore more light!! To the right you can see that I have attached the LEDs. This is the middle height. It has two LEDs in it. Because it is a tower I had to try and think of how I could stack the LEDs on top of each other. (One day I was sitting in Friar Tucks and notice they had see through straws. Lefts just say I have borrowed some of those straws.) I have pushed the LEDS up through the straws allowing the wires to come out from the bottom to be soldered. I hot glued the straw in the up right position before soldering.

So that worked out quite well and I am happy with them. I then repeated this process another eight times for all of the other cubes.


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