Make and Do Assignment – Post 9


So to enable my blocks to connect with the board I have had to put three strips of copper down. Now before I go any further, yes that is not copper in the photographs. I had only ordered one strip of 6mm copper tape and as a result I have ran out and I cannot seem to find anywhere to buy it other than online which will take a week to come. Instead I have used an aluminium tape. The conductivity is still just as good but it means I cannot solder onto it. But I’ll find away around that later.


In these photos I am sticking down the aluminium tape. I had measured out previously out exactly where they are to go and cut into the board to allow it to go through and under the board where the wires will be connected.Board2

Here you can see the strips coming through onto the back of the board.








Here are images of the board completed with all of the strips on it. I had started with the copper but I had to change this after I realised there was not enough to complete it. Aesthetically the silver does look better on the board though.

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