Make and Do Assignment – Post 7

So after figuring out how to get the LEDs to respond to music, I then had to add another connection for the speakers I have dissembled so that the music can still be heard.

Perspex - Cut out to size

Perspex - Placed together

Here is the start of a prototype for this I have decided to do it in the proper inclosed case. Here is the perspex cut. This one is 150×50×50mm. This is the tallest block. In total there will be three heights I think I will use 150mm, 110mm and 75mm. This bock is just balanced together as the contents needs to be inside before it is glued.


Perspex Cub with Speaker inside Perspex Cub with Speaker inside

Here is an image with the speakers and LEDs inside. There will only be two of these blocks. The rest of the blocks will only have LEDs in them. In the front of them I have add to drill holes to allow the music to come out. I glued each side together to assemble the blocks using a hot glue gun. I then sanded it down. This makes the block opaque. The reason I do this is because if it is transparent you will be able to see the contents which is not what I want.

Here is a video of the new prototype. I am really happy with how it turned out. I feel confident that I can move forward with my project.


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