Make and Do Assignment – Post 5

Over the weekend I bought these speakers, Trust Mila 2.0 Speakers, in Argos.

When testing out my prototype (video to come) I realised that because the music from the music source is traveling through the jack there is now out put for the music. It wouldn’t be very good to have something flashing to music which you can’t hear.  I decided to buy a pair of speakers and take out the speaker to place them into two of the cubes that can be placed on the main board with the light cubs.

I deconstructed them to get the speaker and the dial control out of them.



So here I have taken the face of the speakers.


Here I unscrewed the front off, revealing the hardware and the speaker.


Here is a close up of the hardware still attached to the front before taking it apart.


Here are the components separated. The controls, speaker, 3.5mm Jack and the USB power lead.

Here is a close up of the speakers. They are 50mm in width which will now be the width for the cubes.SpeakersSpeakers

And a close up of the controls. I would like to connect this to the main board to control the volume of the speakers.



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