Major Group Project – Post 2

I have been doing some research into aspects of my idea. I found so many interesting ideas that are already out there and has really opened my eyes about my concept.

I first started by looking at the laser harp on the W5 website as this is what my idea about laser’s first came from. I found other takes on the laser harp, creating music with lasers.

From there my research took off into a whole different aspect of laser technology and how it can be used to create an interactive, abstract yet meaningful experience for the user.

An Interactive Forest of Musical Lasers by Marshmallow Laser Feast

My favourite piece that I came across was ‘An Interactive Forest of Musical Lasers’ by Marshmallow Laser Feast. My favourite thing about this was the atmosphere and experience it created for the user. This is something I would love to create for my project.

Here is a video of the project.

We have been asked to create a mood board on Pinterest for our research. Here is a link to mine. Mood Board


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