So far – Make and Do Assignment – Post 3

After researching my idea on City Lights, I have been trying to think of ways to improve the design. One way that I have thought of was have a switch that would enable the user to have to settings. The first setting have a continuous current flowing and the second setting would allow the lights to be interactive with surrounding sound/music.

The way I would go about adding this second setting would be to add a small microphone. I found an example of this on

So far I have the following components already sourced:

  • 10 LEDs (Various Colours)
  • 10 330 -ohm resistors
  • 20 x Very Strong Square Block Neodymium Magnets 5mm x 5mm x1mm (Ordered on ebay. Waiting on Delivery.)
  • 1 roll of Copper Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • The use of a Soldering Iron

I still need to source:

  • 1 large Foam Core
  • 1 large art-board
  • Sheets of tracing paper or vellum. ( I think I will use acetate paper to reinforce the structures as tracing paper is not extremely strong.)
  • 2 metallic sheets 26′ gauge or thinner (Little fridge magnet boards.)
  • Solder
  • Mini Microphine mic
  • 3.5mm Jack extension (Use one end to allow the microphone to connect)
  • 3 option switch (Off, Full Current, Sound reactive)
  • 2 9v batteries
  • 2 9v battery connectors

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