More research – Make and Do Assignment – Post 2

Even thought I really like the idea of making the concrete speakers. I thought about them realistically, time and money would be an issue. So i decided to revisit the drawing bored. I seen some really cool projects using RGB LED Matrix’s. Here is an example of one Control an RGB LED Matric with Android.


City Lights

Another idea that I think I will go with as my final idea is City Lights. I love the hands on approach for both making and then playing with this project. It’s something even my three year old brother will love. I like how the user will be able to interact with it. This also has got me thinking about the user interaction aspect of my major third year project.

I think it is cool how you can move the cubes about and how they are different colours. it is just generally an interesting project all round. I have really enjoyed reading the tutorial and I cannot wait to get started.


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