8bit time – Low resolution, GUI icon design for a wristwatch – Post 2

I have so far I have completed all of my sketches for this assignment. Here are copies of my sketches.

I have really enjoyed this assignment. One aspect of this course I really enjoy is design and I feel that this assignment really allows you to create something cool. I personally would like this watch made for myself!

After a few different sketches I decided on a aztec patterned strap with a white watch face. After trying different watch face designs with buttons I chose the final one because I felt it was a more balanced look.

I have also designed my different icons on paper. I will upload these when I have them scanned. I have made various designs of each, I will decide on which icons to use by asking others what they think each are and see which best suits what has been asked for in the brief.

I have designed my icons o paper with the digital versions in mind. I have done all of my designs on graph paper and used the squares as pixels. I designed my icons as pixel art. Although there is a lot of detail in the strap of the watch I wanted to keep the icons as block colours to keep with the style I have chosen.




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