Make and Do Assignment – Post 1

In Multimedia Project Management 2 we have been given the task to build a useful/fun thing made from household materials without using power tools. We have free range to do whatever we want.

DIY cross stitched iPhone case

I began researching some different ideas. Originally I liked the idea of an arduino based phone cover for iPhones. I thought that it could react with music that is played from the phone, if the phone receives a call or a text. I was inspired by this idea of DIY Cross Stitched iPhone Cases. The way it has been designed made me think that you could slot small LED’s into the gaps rather than stitching.  I still like this idea but when I continued researching I found other ideas that I would like to explore.

Conspeakuous: Concrete Speaker

Another idea that I liked was Conspeakuous- Concrete Speakers. I really liked the idea of making these speakers. In second year we studied about sound installations in Audio 2. I found this subject very interesting at the time and now I have a chance to explore it myself. I thought that I would be able to make these speakers and place them in the Winter Garden in the Carols Building, DKIT for exhibition. I would pre-record sounds that did not fit in the environmentand have them play. To add more of my own touch to the speakers I thought about having a sensor on them, so they would react/play when someone past.

Music LED Light Box

If the idea of a sound installation failed I thought that I could still use the idea of the speakers and LED’s and program it in away that the LED’s would respond to the music that is playing. I would have the LED’s set up around the edge of the speaker as one object.  Music LED Light Box shows how LED’s can be programmed to respond to music. There are so many more tutorials to do this. I thought i would just through one up for now.

I am very excited about this. I always feel there is a great satisfactory feeling when you create and build something from scratch yourself. I’m looking forward to getting started with this project.

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