Ampersand Project – Post 1

In Digital Visualisation & Design we have been put into groups of four. In this group we have to create four books that have a common similarity to make them a series, using our individual ideas of graphic design.

The group had a brain storm and we came up with the idea of creating a children’s book. It will be based on the friendship of a squirrel and a hamster. Together they go on adventures and help each other to overcome difficulties they face along the way. It gets across the idea that no matter what differences you have you can be friends with anyone.

Peter Rabbit

We have given each member a role in the group. I have to research other children’s book to see what kind of narratives and language it used. Other roles included designing the layout, the type of font, proof reading etc. Each member is responsible for their own graphic design in their book.

I think for my style of graphic I will use water colours. When I think of a children’s book I think of ‘Petter Rabbit’.

I love that the image is not defined by a border. It seems natural, clean and innocent, exactly what i think needs to be portrayed in a children’s book.


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