Multimedia Project Management: Major Project – Post 1

When asked what I would like to do for this project I was unsure. Listening to everyone else’s idea didn’t help.  Options are limitless, and there are so many interesting ways to go with it.

I originally thought about creating something that would be a relaxing experience for the user. I wanted to incorporate the idea of  Art and Music Therapy. I thought that when the user would interact with it, it would then produce visuals and music to correspond with how they interacted with it.  Again this is just an idea grasped from thin air. I am very passionate when it comes to the idea of Art and Music Therapy as it is what I want as a career.

I think that the most important thing to me is creating an experience that the user will come away with and feel better for it. How I want to create this, I do not know yet.


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