Interactive Multimedia Coding Assignment – Post 2

After speaking with my lecturer today he advised that the project needed more advanced forms of programming. He suggested that the idea be made into a continuos ‘animation’ of the year changing from season to season, each season lasting 3-4 minutes long.

With this the user will also having the ability to skip from season to season if the user wishes to do so. With this in mind the user will still be able to interact with the animation as planned.

I feel that this is definitely more challenging. I am going to start planning and researching code for doing this. My lecturer said that I could use a sort of stop-watch effect for doing this. I wonder if this means that the user can pause the animation if they wish to continue exploring what is on the screen at that moment. Again with research I will be able to find out what possibilities there are.

Some websites I have looked at for using the time events in ActionScript 3.0 :


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