Short Animation – Assignment (How to deal with a relationship break up)

For this assignment I was asked to create a short animation based on my Graphic Novel about how to deal with relationship break ups, using Flash CS4.

To create it I basically imported my graphic novel and animated my character with in it. I did this because I really liked my layout of my graphic novel and wanted to keep the comic strip style within my animation.

Although I felt my last experience with Flash was pleasant, it was quite the opposite this time. It was very difficult and time consuming to the point that I began to loose and interest. The last assignment using flash was not as difficult as this one. I felt there was too many things on the stage at once and although I knew what was what I still felt confused and frustrated.

At one point when I edited one thing it effected another for no reason that I could see. When I fixed one thing the previous thing would become unraveled and out of sync.

I am not sure how to prevent this from happening in the future. I feel I may need to plan exactly on paper what I am going to do, frame by frame. I also feel I may need more practice as I am not as confident as I thought it was using Flash. I wanted to have more things animated but I feel my skills let me down. In future I want to better my skills.


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