Graphic Novel – Assignment

Graphic Novel

For this assignment I was asked to create a short graphic novel based on how to deal with relationship break ups.

I first found it difficult to come up with a narrative because I felt the only way to get over a break up is with a bit of distraction and time. I didn’t know how to portray this with images. I wanted my graphic novel to be more exciting than a person slowly becoming happy. I decided that the character would have a life experience that would make her realise that everything could be worse.

When researching the narrative, it was hard to find images that I wanted to portray the idea. Instead I found separate images, ones to influence my character, others to influence the layout and backgrounds. I feel the amount of research and development done helped my final design. It was definitely a better experience compared to the logo project. I learnt from my previous mistakes.

When designing the graphic novel in illustrator I had a clear idea of what I wanted. I felt more confident using illustrator and really enjoy it now. When laying it all out I felt maybe the story I was trying to portray wasn’t coming across the way I wanted. The frame that is a dream has bubbled edges but I feel they were not exaggerated enough. This was one part I feel I did not research enough, examples of dreams in comic strips. I decided to add descriptions to some frames to explain the story.

I was very happy with designing a graphic novel and wouldn’t mind creating another one. I would like to learn how to express ideas and feeling more. This is something I will strive to achieve in future projects.


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