Motion Project – College Assignment

In Digital Editing we had to shoot footage up to one minute and edit it in Pro Tools.

First we had to create a storyboard and a shot list. The basic story for mine was someone coming back from the bathroom, entering a classroom, sitting down and continuing to write.

This was my first time having control over the camera. In other projects I have always the other side of it. From tutorials in class on how to use the cameras I felt confident enough to do what was asked of me.

On the day of shooting I was nervous that what I had planned would go wrong. It was interesting putting everything we had learnt in class to practice. I shot inside the classroom first. I took a few shots of each and then moved on to do the corridor scenes.

One thing i did notice on the day was how one needs to be aware of space needed. Sometimes I found myself struggling with space behind the camera to pan and angle the shot correctly. In future I will insure this doesn’t happen again but practicing shots before actually shooting.

I enjoyed editing the footage in Pro Tools. It was only a simple edit of joining the pieces together and ensuring continuity. When editing I noticed that I may not have read the brief correctly. There are aspects that it has asked for that my footage lacks. I did not correctly shoot a match in action but what i had was very close. Some of the things asked for in the brief I did not fully understand but I should have enquired. In future i will definitely make sure I fully understand the brief.

I am very happy with my final video. I think for my first ever experience of shooting footage and editing it it went well. I am looking forward to our next project of shooting a 2 minute film about ‘Getting past your breakup’.


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