Kinetic Typography – Assignment

For my Kinetic Typography assignment I chose a scene from the film ‘Taken’. It is a 48 second audio clip of Liam Neeson speaking on the phone to his daughter’s kidnapper.

I decided on a specific style that I wanted my animation to convey. I designed the background in photoshop and used the same typeface and colour for the entire animation. I concentrated more on my skills in Flash CS4 to add creativity to my animation.

I wanted to use more than just words in my assignment. I chose to use images within it to emphasize words. After starting my assignment, I soon realised  that I should have planned what images I wanted to include. Whilst animating text, I was stopping and designing images in illustrator. This made the process of the assignment drag out. As a result I feel the quality of the animation is not up to a standard that I feel it should be.

I know understand that I must plan a head and make a list of different things I need to be completed before hand. This will prevent something like this in the future.

This was my first time using Flash CS4 and I can definitely say that it was a pleasant experience. I am looking forward to my next project using it and feel confident that I can develop my skills further.





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