Work Completed Whilst on Erasmus…

In this blog I will display all of the work I did for college in Madrid whilst on Erasmus.

The first assignment I was given was on the 9th of October and completed on the 15th of October, in Contemporary Art Trends. The brief was to create an advertisement using any artist’s painting that we had studied so far. This was my final idea.

1st Assignment

The painting I used was Georges Seurat’s pointillist painting of the Eifel Tower. Using this painting I created an advertisement for Specsavers.

I always thought that pointillism looked like pixels up close. Then from far away your eyes blend it all together to look fluid. I played on this idea of something being blurry without glasses on but clear when you do have glasses on.

When presenting my idea to the class all agreed that the advertisement’s idea was clear and well demonstrated.

2nd Assignment

The next assignment we were given in the same subject was a C-map. The C-map which is basically a mind map was based on Art Trends from Realism to Expressionism. This assignment was given on the 31st of October and the due date was the 5th of November.

I thought this assignment was very useful for studying the module  I will definitely use this program in future when at home. C-maps is a free program available for download at

The third assignment given was again in Contemporary Art Trends. We were given this assignment on the 12th of November and due the 19th of November. The brief was to create another advertisement using any artist’s painting that we had studied so far. We also had to define our target audience. This was my final idea.

3rd AssignmentI chose to create my advertisement using Matisses ‘La Gerbe’. The work itself is creative. I thought what better company to advertise with it than Crayola itself.

The target audience I chose for this advertisement is as follows:

1.Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents etc. Anyone who has children in their lives.

2. Artists. The image of Matisse’s used in the advertisement would appeal to them having a background in Art.

When presenting my idea to the class, we had discussed that the idea was good but that the slogan should have been moved to another area. If I was to change this I would have put it at the bottom of the advertisement.

Another assignment for Contemporary Art Trends was to visit The  ‘Reina Sofía’ museum. We had to visit room 210 on Cubism, from this we wrote an essay in relation to our experience there. We were given the assignment on the 12th of November and due on the 19th of November.


In Museo Reina Sofía, room 210 is dedicated pacifically to the cubist movement. It has many art works and sculptures even films from this era. I don’t think I truly appreciated this movement until visiting the museum for myself.


My favourite out of the collection that was there, Pablo Picasso’s ‘Los pájaros muertos’ or ‘Dead Birds’ in English. I had seen it before from photographs but seeing it before me made me see it differently. I appreciated it more.

The oil painting of a drinking glass, newspaper and bird parts is rather confusing yet interesting, in my opinion. The colours dark add to the sense of grim. The image is as if Picasso had collaged these everyday objects with the remains of dead birds.

There are large areas of flat space also in the painting. Do these spaces resemble nothingness after death? One could only begin to delve into the multiple meanings that this painting may have.


I found the sculptures very interesting. When I think about cubism, I think collage. It must have been difficult to apply such a characteristic to a sculpture yet Picasso’s ‘Woman’s Head’ captures this perfectly. The sculpture of a woman’s head is distorted to a certain degree. It is here were you can clearly see the influence of African tribal masks in his work.

After viewing the Cubism room, we went on to see Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. The actually experience of seeing this painting was jaw dropping.

The atmosphere in the room was amplified by the painting. The painting truly depicted the pain and horror that was felt all of those years ago.

The painting has travelled all over the world and has it’s own battle scares to show from it. This has added to the meaning of the painting itself.

5th Assignment

The next assignment for Contemporary Art Trends was project consisting of three parts. The entire project was given on the 15th of October.

The first part was to read ‘Ways of Seeing’ by John Berger and to write an analysis of the book. I have a shortened version already loaded onto my blog. Click here to view.

In the essay I explain how Berger has included visual essays in his book. This lead to the second part of the project to create a visual essay based on an Artist from the second half of the 20th century onward.

This part of the project as due on the 3rd of December. I chose the Artist Robert Rauschenberg. I compiled many of his works from over the years in this visual essay to tell a story. Below is my visual essay.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 19.17.39 Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 19.17.43 Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 19.17.46 Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 19.17.50

The third part of the project was to use one piece or work from the Artist you had chosen to create an advertisement campaign. I chose Robert Rauschenberg’s Bicycle Sculpture in Germany. It was due on the 11th of December. Below you can see my campaign.

Advertising Campaign - Page 1 Advertising Campaign - Page 2 Advertising Campaign - Page 3 Advertising Campaign - Page 4 Advertising Campaign - Page 5 Advertising Campaign - Page 6 Advertising Campaign - Page 7 Advertising Campaign - Page 8

Contemporary At Trends C-Map.cmap



The final assignment from this module was another C-map to help us with our final exam in the subject. In this C-map we had to include all areas of study in the subject. Again I felt this very helpful for the exam.



Saul Bass - Anatomy of a Murder


In the module Animation and Video Games, we had two exams and one assignment which was to visit an exhibition. The exhibition was of Saul Bass and his Movie Posters.

I attended the exhibition on the 28th of November. It was a very interesting exhibition. To view a little about the exhibition please click this link CBA – Saul Bass.

As well as posters there were film clips playing from a projector which was nice to sit and view.


Last but not least we had a continuous project in the module Creative Laboratory Computing Environment. in this project we had the freedom to create anything unique with a business plan to go with it. This was most definitely one of the hardest assignments.

Click here to view the presentation of my project already posted on my blog. I will also give a quick outline of what was involved.

Culturezine Logo

For the project we had to create a business plan for a product of our own. I personally chose an online magazine due to the relevance to my course at home and to the boom on online magazines at the minute. Within my business plan i had to include the following points:

  • Concept
  • Competence
  • Brand
  • Company – Number of workers, Office Installations, Computers, Cost.
  • Future Benefits
  • Business Plan
  • Analyse Product – Price range, cost, timing.
  • Marketing Plan – Advertisements

It had to be based on real information so that the business could work in real life. This was given to us at the beginning of the semester and was due on the 12th of December. We had to present it to the class.


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