When reflecting back on my experience of erasmus, one often asks themselves, if you could go back,would you do it again? This is a question I asked myself numerous times upon the end. And I still don’t know the answer.

When leaving home to come to Madrid I thought about what I was leaving. Family, friends, boyfriend, familiar surroundings. Now that it is time to leave here I am thinking about the same things but not in the way you would think. I am thinking about going back to them. Here in madrid everything is still alien! One would only be coding themselves to think other wise.

Living four months in a place cannot gain the same familiarity as living somewhere your entire life.

I am not saying I did not enjoy my experience but although it has changed my life for the better it has also made it harder.

Over here I am independent. I can come and go as I please! I answer to no one but me. But when I go home this will be taken away. At home I live in the country rely on my parents for everything. Sure I have a good job I can buy my own things but I need them to drive me there. Many aspects of my life rely on the help of others at home but here it doesn’t.

When I go home I have to go back to college and believe me I cannot wait! Over here we have missed out on so much! We are so behind! And this scares me. College is hard without having to play catch up aswell!

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