Visit to Museo Reina Sofía (Room 210 – Cubism’s break with no space)

In Museo Reina Sofía, room 210 is dedicated pacifically to the cubist movement. It has many art works and sculptures even films from this era. I don’t think I truly appreciated this movement until visiting the museum for myself.


My favourite out of the collection that was there, Pablo Picasso’s ‘Los pájaros muertos’ or ‘Dead Birds’ in English. I had seen it before from photographs but seeing it before me made me see it differently. I appreciated it more.

The oil painting of a drinking glass, newspaper and bird parts is rather confusing yet interesting, in my opinion. The colours dark add to the sense of grim. The image is as if Picasso had collaged these everyday objects with the remains of dead birds.

There are large areas of flat space also in the painting. Do these spaces resemble nothingness after death? One could only begin to delve into the multiple meanings that this painting may have.


I found the sculptures very interesting. When I think about cubism, I think collage. It must have been difficult to apply such a characteristic to a sculpture yet Picasso’s ‘Woman’s Head’ captures this perfectly. The sculpture of a woman’s head is distorted to a certain degree. It is here were you can clearly see the influence of African tribal masks in his work.


After viewing the Cubism room, we went on to see Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. The actually experience of seeing this painting was jaw dropping.

The atmosphere in the room was amplified by the painting. The painting truly depicted the pain and horror that was felt all of those years ago.

The painting has travelled all over the world and has it’s own battle scares to show from it. This has added to the meaning of the painting itself.


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