New ENGLISH! Module in College

We got another module in English in college! Yay… But, I’m technically not registered for this class yet. I don’t see that as being a major set back.

So we went to the class anyway and the Lecturer is very nice and is greeting us, in English might I add. This makes a nice change as usually I’m asking is the class in English, being told it’s in Spanish and running back out of the room.

He speaks to us about the module in general. What he expects from us etc. He asks us what we are interested in? What we would like to pursue as a career. I told him about Art Therapy and he knew what I was talking about! Normally I have to explain it to even one I meet!

He told me that he had a friend who is an Art Therapist and that he would put me in contact with her! I’ve never spoke to or met anyone in this career before. Needless to say I was very excited!! (smile)

The module is basically about coming up with an idea/a product and coming up with a business plan to be able to make a profit!

I was so excited about this but little did I know. It is so hard to try and come up with a new invention! Wrecking my brains all evening.

The lecturer himself seems to be an amazing man. He is a big shot in the design world. He is president of Art Galleries in Spain and Germany. He is actually in the middle of designing ‘holograms’ of 3 Real Madrid Football players and the Manager! He said it’s very hard because they have to be so life like and so on! It is amazing.

He will be great to learn from as he started his career in this line when he was only 16, a contemporary Artist! I am really excited about it…He even added us on facebook!

Once I come up with an Idea I’m sure it’ll be better… Better get brain storming!


P.S – I’d be up for suggestions on the new invention!


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