Writing Letters…

Writing letters home has become a big part of Erasmus life for me. I seem to be writing quite a lot of them to Family, the Boyfriend etc. My hand is even starting to hurt from it!

The best part about these letters is that if everyone that I send them to keeps a hold of them, they would work as kind of a Diary if I wanted to read back through them when I get home. 

I was writing a letter earlier about a funny story that had happened over here and I was laughing away to myself writing it. I’m so afraid that all of these moments will be forgotten…

As much as I love my MacBook and the internet, letter writing is still such a great way to comunicate. Sure it’s not fast but I get more excited about seeing a letter in the post box than I do a notification in my inbox!

A bit random but hey send me a letter if you dare! I’ll definitely write you one back!



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