Torros – Spanish Bull Run to us folk

So this morning I got up at 09:00 to go to the local Bull Run in the village. The village, Villaviciosa de Odon, is having a festival this week and this being one of the events. So we went down to the arena anyway and sat for about an hour when there was nothing happening…

Later it started to get more interesting as the bulls stayed in the arena longer than 3 minutes. All of the locals were in the arena running and teasing the bulls including our very own Shane O’Dwyer. 

The part of the show that we watch isn’t the gruesome part. Later the professionals will go into the ring with the bulls and they fight until the death.  

It was the second one I had seen and I must say it was more interesting apart from the long wait. People were jumping and flipping over the bulls like pros! It was great entertainment!


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