Ok, so I have been here for 22 days…doesn’t seem to bad. I have a house with three friends, we have make that had a pool…It closed last week for the winter!? It’s still 30º degrees!!

I’m attending a private college for nothing. People pay €36,000 a year to go to this University apparently and campus accommodation €1,400 a month. That’s how much I am paying for the entire 4 months I am here for our house that is a 15minute walk to the college and a bus that is less then 5!

What have I actually done so far since I have been here? Not much…went to the city twice. Registered in college, did a two week intensive Spanish course. Drank twice… A bit of a sorrowful student if I must say. 

Yesterday we went to a Bull Run/Fight. It was great to actually get out and experience one of Spains traditions! There was local men running in the arena with the bulls. Local spanish people in the stands cheering, playing traditional songs on trumpets. The whole lot! I sat there and thought… this is what I need to be doing, getting out and experiencing all of these things.

Later we went into Sol for the day. We had a walk around the area. We seen the famous Bear eating from the strawberry tree statue. We went to a small cafe like venue and sat in the basement and ate Chocolate and Churros!! It was delicious.

That night was the start of a festival in our village, Villaviciosa de Odon. There were amusement rides the whole lot. I had felt sick earlier but there is nothing like going on a ride to lift your spirit. And the rush of adrenaline you get. 

22 days gone….97 left! It’s time to start letting loose!! 





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