Blog Analysis

The Blog I have chosen to analys is ‘Rachel Talks Too Much’. Rachel is a 19 year old girl, who is in her first year studying in University. I like this blog mainly for the personal connection I make with it.

Content: The blog is basically like a diary. It is a first person narrative on subjects of everyday live for a teenage girl in university. She uses many images in her blog amongst her writing.

Writing: Rachel writes extemely well. First of all there are no spelling errors allowing the reader to read smoothly. The writing is descriptive with hints of humour. She uses short paragraphs getting her point across easily.

Design: The design of the blog is bright and clear. It has a heading and two columns underneath. One for posts the other for everything else, blog roll, social networks and some images. The font is a different colour for each post making it easy to determine between them. Even with all of this is still seams a bit boring because the background is white.

Use of Links: There are no links within any of the posts. There are some links in a blog roll and to social network sites on the right side column but that is it. In one way this makes sense. This blog is basically a diary. But it would be nice to have links that connect to her stories.

Comments: I think the blog is interesting. The insight it gives is well thought out and creative. One thing I would change to the blog would be that there are no links with in the posts.


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