Bought my Tickets for The Coronas!

So I bought my tickets for The Coronas concert in December. This is going to be my 1, 2……7, 8th time seeing them now in the past 3, 3 and a half years and still it is so exciting! (smile)

I have been standing infront of Danny each time (except at Paul Mc Cartney in the RDS last Summer) and it never seems to get old, but the tickets seem to get dearer : /


I can’t believe it was so long ago that I was at one of my secondary school friends birthday party, at which she had The Coronas play at. It was the first time I had seen them live. (I was the creepy girl standing at the front singing every lyric to every song) Danny clearly seen my dedication. (joke)

But anyway, he invited me on stage to sing with them. This has been and will forever be the greatest moment of my life. (smile)


So my 5 minutes of fame over as quick as you could snap a photo. But I will never forget it!

Sometimes when I’m at the concerts I’m like in my head ‘Hey! Remeber Me?!?!’ but obviously they do not…


So here’s to all the fun I’m going to be having on the 14th of December! (smile)


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