To do or Not to do

Hello my fellow procrastinators!

I promised myself when I started second semester there were ten things I wouldn’t do:
1: Skip college for ANY reason whatsoever.
2: Allow myself to predicate anything for ANY exam no matter it’s importance.
3: Lose my social life.
4: Expand my social life.
5: Fall asleep before 9 from exhaustion.
6: Let all my assignments and projects build up.
7: Distract myself with a tv series.
9: Cease all exercise.
10: Lose faith and decide my life’s ambition is to make jam.
I have achieved all aside from number 4 since Christmas, but at the moment it’s lookin’  My daily habits now consist of 7 meals a day, bed at 7 (not really….it’s bed at 2 in the morning, wishing i had no work to have been able to go to bed at 7) and the walk from the bus to the Carroll’s building  is all the physical activity I’m going to get. So really making jam is something which would appeal to the person that I have become.
All jam aside…………………………….I feel strangely relaxed about it all. All I can do is my best.
It is now the beginning of Easter.We should all know the stuff by now but we don’t….Some of us still changing what concept we have decided on for assignments.
Most of us have read Hamlet and we should know that procrastination in the end will kill us. Ok well maybe not as far as kill us but could very well damage our chances in the future, why would any of us want to do that?

It is true, College is one of the best experiences in life, So why not do it right? Now boys and girls it is time to say Auf Wiedersehen


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